👋🏼 Hi, I'm Maggie, cupcake enthusiast and sweet tooth!! 😍 


My sweet tooth and love for sharing meals and my fave snacks (because sharing is caring, thanks Care Bears!) is what sparked me to start this wee, side hustle: baking for special days and help others to share sweet treats to make someone smile 😁


Starting a small business also means an opportunity for me to help you share with those who need it most. For every order made through Maxy’s, 5% go towards the Starship Foundation, helping raise funds to support Aotearoa’s only intensive care unit for children! 


So...thank YOU! Thank you for choosing Maxy’s to celebrate special occasions, for “just because moments” or because you’re a fellow sweet-tooth and just want to satisfy your cravings! 🙊 


It’s Cuppies for Good: Good for the sweet soul, good for making everyone smile and feel loved and good for those children who need help 💜


Want to see how we’re getting on with our fundraising? Please visit our page at https://www.bakeitbetter.org.nz/maxyscupcakes